Welcome to my blog. I have had ALS for 10 years now.

Since I started this blog in June 2008 I've had amazing feedback. Family, friends, people from all over North America, Australia, Scotland, England, and places I can't recall, have commented, encouraged and corresponded. I had no idea when Cynthia taught me how to set this up, how much I would love posting and how many people would read it. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped propel this therapeutic exercise into a daily routine. All of you, both friends and visitors, are now part of my blog family. Welcome.

From Go Pro

From Go Pro
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Basic tasks

Some of the basic tasks have become difficult for me. Brushing teeth is one of them. My left hand won't stay steady and hits my nose--because I have black humor it sends me into fits of laughter. My right arm is getting weak as well. I hold my rinse cup with 2 hands and carefully raise it hoping that I don't spill it. So far so good.
It's now impossible for me to get my socks on and off. My left hand won't grip and my right arm won't reach. When I'm home alone I keep my socks on at all times. I had learned to pull them up with a "reacher grip bar." Unfortunately I have lost the strength to do this.
No longer can I make myself a cup of coffee, pour a glass of water or file my nails. Thank heavens for my care workers! I try not to think too far ahead for fear I might go crazy. I can still enjoy every day and I'm thankful for the time I have. However, I'm human and grieve my losses.

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