Welcome to my blog. I have had ALS for 10 years now.

Since I started this blog in June 2008 I've had amazing feedback. Family, friends, people from all over North America, Australia, Scotland, England, and places I can't recall, have commented, encouraged and corresponded. I had no idea when Cynthia taught me how to set this up, how much I would love posting and how many people would read it. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped propel this therapeutic exercise into a daily routine. All of you, both friends and visitors, are now part of my blog family. Welcome.

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From Go Pro
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm getting rather temperamental these days--not part of my usual character. Why? Well, I cannot blow my nose(no diaphragm strength). I cannot lift my arms high enough to scratch my head(shoulder muscles gone). My hands are so weak that I can no longer hold most things or turn pages. I need a bionic arm. Most people cannot understand my ALS accent, so I do not talk much. A nice change for my friends! When I'm tired, my Care Aides have to brush my teeth. I supervise. At night I bite my cheeks because my face muscles are weak and my mouth is so dry. I have also noticed my smile is different. It will eventually disappear. What a shame, it was so beautiful. LOL.
Now I know I have to overlook all the many losses and concentrate on the positives--and there are many, but occasionally I have to rant. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

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Alice said...

you can vent to me any time you want - you've earned it! i just wish there was a way to help. :(