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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UBC Engineering students design an eReader

I'm taking part in a project with UBC Engineering students. They have designed a moveable mount for an eReader and have adapted it for ALS.
It can be operated by a mouse, switch, or button. I'm using the mouse. I can scroll, turn pages, and choose to read the newspaper or a book all by tapping the mouse. Presently, I cannot hold a book and turn pages without struggling and feeling VERY frustrated. Also, I can no longer use a touch screen as my fingers are shaky and I do not have reliable dexterity.
This design allows me to relax in my power chair and read.
I love it!
I am hoping to get permission to continue using it.
Thank you ALS Society, ALS Centre, and UBC for making this happen.

1 comment:

Alice said...

karyn, i have a kindle and use it all the time. i'm glad you have a way to keep on reading, don't know what i'd do with all my time without that pleasure. are they going to let you keep the ereader? i seriously think they should. you can continue to be their test market :)